How Women Can Get Into the Sneaker Game

The sneaker market has been booming in recent years. Reports suggest that in 2019, the sneaker market was worth $100 billion, while resale stood at...

All-Time Classic Pieces

Having classic pieces in your closet is a good investment. You can regularly switch it up in various ways for different looks meant to suit...

Neutrals and Spring

Neutrals will never go out of style. They go with everything and have repeatedly proved their worth in our closet space. Another thing that makes...

Winter Ski Trip and What To Bring

When it’s time to hit the slopes, you need to make sure you've brought all your essentials with you. Otherwise, it will be a big...

How To Create A Successful Fitness Account on Instagram

So you decided to launch a fitness Instagram account? That’s good for you as such types of pages tend to flourish on the platform!
However, launching a successful fitness Instagram account does not happen overnight. The top successful fitness blogs and private instagram viewer influencers on the platform put a lot of work into their content and some even took years to finally grow their network.
Thus, when launching your account on Instagram from scratch, you should be willing to put a significant amount of time and effort …

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CBD Gummies and Its Benefits for The Skin

The rising popularity of CBD in skincare and beauty regimens has sparked a cosmetics market frenzy. Utilizing cosmetics with CBD already integrated into them is a great way to reap the benefits of this compound.
Numerous brands of cosmetics and other types of toiletries have been seen to incorporate these qualities into their products. However, how exactly do organic CBD gummies canada help people appear more attractive?
In this article, we’ll discuss CBD oil’s cosmetics uses, including its benefits and how it works….

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Lose Fat With These Simple Scientific Methods

Losing weight can be nerve-wracking, especially if you look for fast ways to shed the extra fat. It becomes more challenging if you don’t know what will work for your body type. Taking pills for effective fat loss is a common weight-loss method that can work for most people. However, before you go that step, try any of the four tips below that could work for you too!
Incorporate protein in your breakfast

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23 Cool Things to Have in Your Bag

There are many cool things you can have in your bag to make life at school, in the office, or while traveling easier and more fun. From essential gadgets to must-have items, here are some of the coolest things you should always carry with you wherever you go.
List of Cool Things to Have in Your Bag
1. A power bank
Keep your devices charged on the go with a handy power bank.
2. A reliable set of headphones
A good pair of headphones can be a lifesaver when you’re stuck on a long train or plane …

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Top Three Best Teacher Bags in 2023

Teachers tend to take a lot of stuff to school daily, including essentials, books, and papers. This results in need for high-quality teacher bags to help them keep their things in one place. Unfortunately, finding the ideal bag is a hassle. Getting a bag that’s not ideal for your needs can result in having an armful of things to take home after work. Sounds stressful.
Each of these recommended teacher bags is durable, pocket-friendly, and trendy. If you intend to buy the most suitable teacher bag, this article will present a compilation of exciting choices to help you in your quest.
They are also functional. Let’s get…

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40 and Beyond- What it Means For a Woman

“Life begins at 40” implies that your life has finally taken off at this age and it’s only going to get better. But does this apply to women too? Here are the various changes that occur in a woman’s body at 40:
1. Skin
They say that how we took care of our skin when we were young shows as we get older. We start to see profound changes in our skin when we turn 40. Saggy skin starts to become more apparent as it no longer has the same elasticity and firmness it once had during our younger days.

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Pre-Workout Snacks

Studies recommend that we load up on carbohydrates before working out in order to maximize exercise performance. Carbs provide fuel for our muscles during physical activities. As a result, they help minimize fatigue and helps keep us going during high-intensity training sessions.

You can eat at least 30 minutes before you start your workout session.
Make sure to eat snacks that are easy to digest to prevent constipation.
Research. We all have different bodies. What might work for others may not …

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How Many Calories Are in Eid Biscuits?

Festive seasons usually call for sweet desserts that are very hard to ignore. During the Eid al-Fitr holiday, people love to partake in cookies and biscuits which are rich in calories.
Here is a list of the most popular Eid desserts and their corresponding calorie counts:
Egyptian Kahk- 110cal
Petit Fours- 90 cal
Ghoryba- 160 cal
Dates- 60 cal
Qatayef- 325 cal
Basbousa-520 cal
Kunafah- 350 cal
Baklava- 540 cal
The desserts listed above can be considered staples in some households. However, there have been plenty of healthy recipes that have emerged in the last few years…

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Going Blonde While Still Maintaining Healthy Hair

We’ve all heard horror stories about hair damage from dyeing. Transitioning to blonde hair is a statement. And you will want to maximize that if you do not want an anecdote to be made about you once your blonde hair journey goes wrong.
Here’s what you have to do to go blonde the right way:
Commit to the process.
Having your hair turn blonde, especially if you originally had dark hair will not be a short journey. You will need to be patient and not put your hair into intense bleaching immediately so that you won’t have the risk of permanently damaging it.
There better be multiple sessions as your hair …

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Why Hair Cuts are Great for your Mental Health

We all get the urge to do crazy things once in a while, but getting haircuts are one of the boldest decisions we can ever make. We never know how good (or bad) it will turn out unless it’s done.
Change of hair color and haircuts usually symbolize change. It provides us a sense of novelty in our daily lives by altering our appearances. But why do we need one? And what are their benefits?
Reasons why you should get a haircut.
You have to pamper yourself.

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